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"I'm a mother". Starting point on your Fertility journey

Where does your fertility journey begin.

What is the moment when you decided, it is time to have a baby. Was it:

“I want a baby”

“We want a baby”

“We want to start a family”

“We are a couple, it’s time to have a family”

“Everyone’s asking, when will you have a baby”

Insert __________________________

No judgement, no comparison, no comments. I’m inviting you to own this process.

My journey to parenting was very determinate. Ever since I was 15-16, I “knew” from the old-classic “bottom of my heart” that part of my journey on this Planet this time is to become a mother – it was part of my soul’s mission - and I was looking for a partner – the father.

This urge and the search is a separate conversation, which I might open one day. People around me couldn’t understand why with all my academic success and ambitions – all I wanted was to be a Mum. Eventually, I became a mum at 35 and then at 36, in partnership with Mr. Right, whom I dearly love after 10 years of marriage.

It was after long 20 years of wandering in between, marked with an STD, an abortion and an early miscarriage and threat of loss of both pregnancies – I know shame, guilt, grief and fear.

No judgement, no comparison, no comments.

I own my motherhood and am inviting you to own your process.

Let’s begin: when you are ready take a moment to feel, think, connect.

Start with something – a moment, a pause.

Say out loud or to quietly yourself: “I’m a mother”.

Where does it lead you? Where does it resonate in the body? What emotions surface?

What is the distance between you and this statement? How far? How clear? How relevant?

If you can, make a note what comes in a journal, record a voice message, make a scribble, paint this, make something. If you are not ready to bring up what comes yet, set an alarm clock for tomorrow and do it again, do so for a week, maybe longer.

Get to a point, where you can illuminate emotions, linked with Motherhood, with your consciousness and make a statement of your feelings and motivations about becoming a Mother.

This is your starting point. Own it, celebrate it, no matter what it looks like.

In my turn, I will do my very best to support and guide you to a possible next step.

Here is my Facebook Group, safe space to support, share and connect plus all the fertility science.

Please join and share your starting point as a comment or as an anonymous post to feel safe to open up.

Let your journey begin.

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