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Ancient Daoist Plant and Crystal 
Energy Medicine Sessions

for fertility and beyond

Image by Tom Barrett

"When I lost my baby, I felt numb. Nothing mattered and nothing could have been done. I wanted to try again, but I just couldn't bare a thought of another loss."

"Why me? Why us?  I just can't cope with another announcement of a new baby

from our friends and wider family, when we did everything and got nothing. 

Frankly, I 'm frustrated. I know that is not a very positive mood  but I just can't

help it, I feel  what I feel. There is nobody I can even talk about and I don't know what to say. I'm meant to be positive, but I just  can't."

Does this resonate with you?  

Whether you have suffered an unimaginable loss, regardless of the duration of  physical baby’s presence,

or just been exasperated with this omnipresent sense of  lack of result: ‘The Dreaded BFN’ in months on end  -

Moving forward and trying  again requires a space where you give yourself time

to rest, reconsider, regroup  and restart.

Sometimes talking about your experiences help, other times getting a coach, i.e. someone who will encourage you to carry on does, but often there is that moment, where you are stuck with something inside, huge, indescribable, like a lump in the throat, or a knot in the guts, not even being able to cry or talk about it, like an inability to exhale in a shock -  this is where this method of energy medicine, called Daoist Five Element Plant and Crystal Energy Medicine is particularly in the right place. 

It is a chance to let go, let your body speak through your pulses and complexion -


both used for diagnostic and progress measurement at the sessions.

Let me read the signs of imbalances in your body and gently, layer by layer, restore natural flow of energy; help you reconnect, get the messages from your body, bring some clarity, openness and ability to try again or let go.

Your mental wellbeing, free flow and level of energy are the most important success factors especially for fertility. 

I'm very privileged to be trained and initiated to work with the most powerful Daoist treatment protocols for

Clearing Entities on this Planet.

Everything we carry and can't let go of is considered to be an 'entity' in Daoist tradition. It can be compared to a pocket of energy, that is blocking the natural flow and needs to be released, to restore natural balance.

This powerful work will set you free from what was haunting you from even before this lifetime, clearing energetic imprint of traumas you suffered in this lifetime as well as ancestral  and karmic. 

Over the years, this healing modality has helped many people with various imbalances and even ailments to get to the place where they regain their energy needed to make the next steps.


Daoist Five Element Plant and Crystal Energy Medicine is a form of energy work that combines the traditions of Daoist teachings from Sacred Lineages (particularly Jeffrey Yuen ),  classical Chinese Five-Element Medicine (the theory behind Acupuncture and TCM) as introduced by J.R. Worsley and indigenous practices of using plant healing (Eliot Cowan) and crystal/mineral/stone/rock energies (Sarah E, Thomas) for genuine wellbeing. 

It is a powerful, gentle, subtle energy restoring modality.

During the Daoist Energy Medicine session the practitioner works with the energetics of the plants and stones/crystals using Ancient Dao Protocols to bring harmony to their patients, restoring natural balance and flow of energy, removing whatever may be standing in their way as they endeavour to live joyful, balanced lives. 

The closest comparison of this work is an acupuncture session:


a fully closed  patient is lying on the treatment table or some of the areas are  exposed for stone placement, however, not essential. Instead of the needles, stones, crystals  may be used at the sessions, placed on special points on the body or around the treatment table and an energy work is conducted. 

No substances are administered at the sessions. Sometimes bespoke


Vibrational Elixirs  are offered to help embed the changes.

When I just started practicing this modality  alongside my Naturopathic practice in  2019, one of my first clients was a woman, who had fertility issues.  Through the work that we had done together, we managed to gently ‘unpack’ and she let go of very old childhood traumas stuck in the body, that she described as 'my abdomen is numb on the right' and reactivate some of the energy meridian pathways vital for fertility.

She carried on working on optimising her fertility, engaged her partner to do his part of work, some time ago they were blessed with a healthy baby.

Now, that I work supporting couples in fertility matters, I see even more value in such work.

Daoist Energy Medicine sessions are  offered as an in-person session  in Horsham clinic at Kingswood Practice, 26, Worthing road, RH12 1SL , Horsham.

The session is often 1 hour long; at the moment it is offered at £75.

It is recommended to book 6-10 consecutive sessions over 3 -6


months, in such case a  block booking discount is offered: 

5 sessions - £300 (3 months)     10 sessions - £550 (6 months)

In some cases an online distant session can be offered as a follow up at £75.

Needless to say that such sessions are beneficial for all clients regardless

of fertility context and everyone is welcome to book your session .

Five Element Session

1 hour DAOIST

Energy Medicine Session,

Horsham Clinic

in person £75 

Online follow-up might be possible 

based on your situation

My Holistic Health Philosophy 

So many times, I was told that offering Daoist Energy Medicine sessions alongside my scientific and advanced laboratory investigations based Naturopathic and Functional Medicine packages will undermine them, make them look less scientific and less valuable.

In my opinion, both set of modalities are like Yin and Yang principles, supporting each other to create truly holistic Medicine  .

Five thousand  years old Daoist Five Element wellbeing philosophy principles are enriching the most modern scientific findings, providing them with deeper meaning and wider context as many of my patients notice. 

I remain true to my holistic health philosophy, keep putting myself on the line and dare to offer both modalities to make sure people who come to seek my help, get the most of our time together and are all set for success. 

Looking forward supporting you with with both Science and Art of Ancient and Modern Natural Medicine . 


2023 "Daoist Stone* Medicine Practitioner Certification Program", Sarah E. Thomas

* Stone=Crystal, Mineral, Rock 

2023 "Transmuting Entities with the Cosmic Dragons of the One", Sarah E. Thomas


2021 "Ring of Fire. Daoist Energetic approach to Immune System",  Alexander Love

2020 "Five Elements -  Journey through the seasons"  with Judy Worsley and Worsley Five Element Institute

 2016-2019 Five Element Plant Energetics Healing  Practitioner Course "Plant

Spirit Medicine" with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek

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