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How did I come about supporting fertility

(My journey, maybe superboring, maybe not)

«Coming about» is a good word here, because life is a journey. When I was doing my Herbal Degree (to save time I have actually jumped 7 or so years of my journey, where I was validating my calling as a herbalist and engaging in semi-professional education to quitting senior role in marketing and fully committing to my professional path), we were told to consider a niche, specialisation, which I totally failed to grasp as we are working with holistic model of a wholesome person, so focusing on one area felt wrong.

Then I had a suite of patients, who were all women 35-38-ish, experiencing a set of weird symptoms, which were like menopausal, but not quite and … it was way too early!

This is how I have learnt about perimenopause and became an expert in Perimenopause Hub (btw, if it is relevant for you, feel free to get my Ebook via form here ). Doing this work taught me a lot, but there was a niggling feeling that it not quite my Path, if you like.

In summer 2021 I participated in a special group medication to align with my path and received a very strong message about helping couples to conceive and have children.

That was quite challenging for my belief system. I’m a very spiritually minded person and always believed that kids are “God/Goddess/Ancestors-given” and one needs “alignment of the stars” to have a child. I asked those questions during the meditation to the Guides and got the answer that in order for new Rainbow children to be born, their parents need to be prepared: physically, emotionally and spiritually and that I have the capacity to support them.

That made total sense for me – it this is indeed something that is holistic and covering all the topics I have ever studied, like medical astrology and energy work, but at the same time this work requires my strong scientific background, knowledge and skills.

However, I didn’t feel I was good enough or worthy to support a couple if they have that one chance, so I just hesitated. Then is a short space of time I met 3 couples, who have literally missed their chance, for various reasons, and I felt that there was something that could have been done differently for them, if they had a good guidance.

In November 2022 my newsfeed brought me an advertisement for a Natural Fertility 12 months Mentorship Programme. I instantly knew it was that moment, which you just couldn’t not ignore.

I have validated the credentials and found the curriculum to be very profound, so I have enrolled – finally answering the Calling.

Now, with support of my mentor I feel ready to help the couples and here is my safe space for you – my FB group Fertility Pregnancy Healthy Baby | Facebook

Faithfully yours,

Inna Duckworth

Women's Health Herbalist

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