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Hi, I’m Inna Duckworth
Naturopathic Fertility Support
Reproductive Microbiome
Daoist Healing

Registered Naturopath, Medical  Herbalist, MSc
Horsham, West Sussex 

Clinical Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Functional Testing, Nutrigenomics, Mind-Body Connection
Daoist Plant and Stone/Crystal Energy Medicine Practitioner, Elixirs and Flower Remedies 
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I have dedicated my life to lifelong learning and practice of natural holistic medicine to provide my patients with effective solutions that will address the root-cause of their issues at all levels and bring about long lasting changes and true wellbeing.

Full-time clinical practice since 2017, after supervised practice in the

University Herbal Medicine Clinic between 2010-2017.

Registered Naturopath with General Naturopathic Council

Member of Association of Naturopathic Practitioners

Medical Herbalist, MSc - qualification accredited by National Institute of Medical Herbalists, The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy, European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association 

Professional Insurance with Balens, Zurich

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Author of ‘Herbal Medicine for Mental Health’ Chapter in “Neal’sYard Mental Wellness Companion” by Dorling Kindersley, 2021,
where I review over 30 medicinal plants for mental wellbeing. 

What to expect working with me

  • In-depth health review
  • Systemic structured work, with defined goals and clear milestones, over a period of time
  • Application of functional medicine, clinical herbal medicine, nutrition principles and holistic naturopathic philosophy
  • Support with relevant functional lab testing​
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplement plan 
  • Bespoke herbal preparations
  • Safety alongside prescribed medication
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  • Health coaching to achieve your goals
  • Confidentiality and emotional support

Your investment

  • Openness to my expert opinion in natural medicine
  • Time and commitment to implement recommendations
  • In financial terms, budget for :  
    • initial consultation £250 and  4+  months package £475 pcm
    • comprehensive blood testing (£100-£450),
    • functional medicine testing (£200 - £1000),
    • professional high quality supplements,
    • bespoke herbal preparations and
    • high quality food.​
Functional testing may include: comprehensive hormonal testing DUTCH, Functional medicine comprehensive stool test, Vaginal swab, Comprehensive nutritional status analysis,
LifeCode Gx - Nutrigenomic DNA testing packages
(payment plan available) and others relevant for your situation.
Coffee with Friends

“I think that working with Inna helped me a lot. I met her at a very difficult time in my life, just when she

was needed.


Herbal Medicine helped to support my liver. And believe it or not, I haven’t had any acne since 2018, can you imagine that?


Inna’s coaching session helped me to unblock energy. I would leave the session on wings. I can’t tell you how much Inna has helped me in so many ways, and I would love people to know this.”

Nina, London

Professional credentials

2022 - 2024  Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Nutrition with Institute for Optimal Nutrition/University of Portsmouth

2010 - 2017 – School of Health and Life Sciences, Diploma followed by

Master of Science (Distinction), Middlesex University, London

2004-2009- MBA with Open University Business School

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Stand alone professional training programs:

2024 "Advanced Fertility Certification Program" with Dr. Leah Hechtmann, PhD

2024 "Biotoxin Illness in Clinical Practice" 

2024 "Mould and Mycotoxins in Clinical Practice" 

2023 "Male Fertility Advanced Traning"  

2023 "Microbiome for Fertility and Pregnancy"

2023 "Advanced Fertility Masterclasses" with Dr. Leah Hechtmann, PhD

2023 "Daoist Stone Medicine Practitioner Certification Program" 

2022 "Fertility Support Naturally " 12 months Mentoring Programme with Fertility Nutrition Centre

2022 Counselling skills Diploma Level 3  

2022 The Full Blood Count Analysis Mastery Training Programme 

2022 Nutrigenomics Practitioner Certification Programme, Lifecode Gx

2022 Herbal Medicine for Reproductive Health

2021 Professional course in Vaginal microbiome (Candida, UTI, BV)

2021 Advanced Materia Medica

2021 Dr. Datis Kharrazian Institute “Gut Health Course”; “Food Sensitivities Course”.

2020 "Five Elements -  Journey through the seasons"  with Judy Worsley and Worsley Five Element Institute 

2016-2019 Five Element Plant Energetics Healing  Practitioner Course "Plant Spirit Medicine"– exploring emotional and spiritual implications of wellness with Daoist Five Element Theory framework and Plant Energetics.


2016-2022 Immense CPD exposure with focus on Herbal Therapeutics, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Therapy and functional testing via BANT, CAMAS, NIMH, Regenerus, Invivo, Bionutri, Natura EDU, SAFM etc.

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I will do everything in my power to support you on your health and wellbeing journey.
                                     Inna Duckworth, MSc

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26, Worthing road,

Horsham, West Sussex,

RH12 1SL 

United Kingdom

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