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I’m happy to mentor healthcare practitioners and  therapists,  who are seeking some guidance or a second opinion in the areas of herbal medicine, functional testing and natural support.

My key areas are female hormonal, vaginal and urinary health, perimenopause and conception care.

In addition to obtaining my degree,  I have facilitated hundreds of hours

of training in Herbal Medicine and other health related subjects first as Academic Society Events Manager at Middlesex University and then as a Continuous Professional Development Team Leader for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

To make sure I’m au fait with the latest advances in my areas of expertise,

I have attended more than a hundred CPD events over the last decade and have lately focused on functional medicine and functional testing.

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Currently I’m a post graduate Nutritional Therapy Student at the Institute for Optimal Nutrition; working through my advanced “Vaginal and Urinary Health” programme, led by a PhD candidate;  being certified as a Nutrigenomics practitioner and taking part in a 12 months “Making Babies” professional mentorship programme.

While attending various programmes aimed at natural health practitioners,
I have noticed that knowledge of herbs is either barely touched on or simply omitted, while such herbal education programmes as there are fail to go in any depth into functional testing and nutrition. I decided to fill these gaps.
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I’m currently offering 1-to-1 or group mentorship on individual cases or specific subjects.

Who is it for:

Health coaches and Nutritionists: enhance your nutritional protocols with bespoke herbal products for your clients. 

Physio-, massage therapists and osteopaths:   Offer your clients and patients holistic support, with functional testing suggestions, test interpretations, including DUTCH test, diet modification, bespoke herbal remedies and natural products.

Herbalists: enhance work with your patients with functional testing suggestions, test interpretations, including DUTCH hormonal panel, nutrition and natural products.

When I’m invited to present on a specific subject I will prepare a presentation with the most relevant evidenced based information and will include some live Q&A  time.


I recently asked on here for help with understanding Dutch test results for a friend with breast cancer as I was getting confused by it all, having never seen one before. Inna offered to help and I would just like to share here how invaluable the session was!


They say that 'you don't know what you don't know' and that was certainly true here. I am so glad I asked for help on this group and so thankful to Inna for responding. Inna is so knowledgeable and able to explain things really well, and with her having knowledge regards the herbs too was just fantastic! 


I dread to think how long it would have taken me to pull out from the results what Inna could (probably never!) and of course I am not left with the feeling that I have missed something through my ignorance. Inna also did some research specifically for an unusual aspect of the case which was so thoughtful of her.


I hadn't been aware that there were herbalist mentors that I could go to like this, and also hadn't been aware of the value of Dutch tests and genomic tests. So it’s been a fabulous learning experience for me, I am now a Dutch convert and thankyou Inna!

B. Herbalist

What is covered in a case review session:


History and wellbeing goals overview

Lab tests revision, facilitation of functional testing appropriate for the case and subsequent test interpretations

Treatment plan revision including nutrition, herbal and natural products


Joined online consultations for your clients

Specific areas of expertise: 

Intimate health: vaginal and urinary concerns. 
Perimenopause: As an official Perimenopause Hub expert with 30k+ members I have helped many women to work through the changes.
Nutrigenomics: add a Nutrigenomics perspective to your clients.

Mentorship opportunities are limited, book your free introductory session today to avoid disappointment. 

Mentoring rate for individual case is £120 per hour.
An hour is usually sufficient to cover most questions.
It can be split into 2 parts: 30 minutes to discuss the case and then 30 minutes to interpret subsequent test results.

Group mentoring and presenting starts from £ 250 per hour.
They are to be enquired individually.
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