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It Takes Two to Tango

This is kind of obvious, but up to very recently male contribution to the process wasn’t considered as significant or manageable, I will talk about what can be done for male fertility in my next posts.

Here, I would like to open a conversation for mothers-to-be to create safety and openness about partner’s involvement. If you have a partner and consider donor sperm, emotional aspect of partner contribution still counts.

If there is no partner – I’m certain the baby’s Soul has got a contract with your Soul to come to you and be support, solace and teachers to each other, but that applies to any Baby-Parent’s souls to be honest.

For the sake of argument, let’s consider most common reproduction situation; LGBTA+ souls are 100% respected, can just a bit more complicated biologically.

You and your partner.

Are you able to have an open dialogue about starting a family?

Do you know about his feelings? Does he know about yours? Do you both need some coaching to get on the same page?

Let me make it personal. I was having a miscarriage on the day my husband turned 40, which in the UK is considered a big Birthday. Despite being stressed from the experience and pain, I knew with every cell of my body - we will become parents one day.

He didn’t.

I remember him looking gravely, having a fag outside of hospital. He was traumatised by this experience of not being able to do anything and just witnessing his Big Dream going away.

He is a strong man, he just got very quiet, didn’t want to talk about what happened, what will happen next.

We were blessed with a baby soon after that, i.e. I got pregnant in the next cycle - because I was working on health-mind-spirit levels to make it happen. Had it not happen for longer – this conversations would have been very difficult.

Please join my FB group comment and let me know, how is your partner doing? What kind of dialogues if any are happening between you? I will do my best to support and guide you to techniques, methods that can help align your vision of parenting.

Yours faithfully,

Inna Duckworth

p.s.: If you are interested, let me know and I will share spiritual side of my miscarriage and more on the topic, maybe it will be helpful for your journey.

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