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Online and in Holborn Clinic appointments are available for 08-31 March 2021. 

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Perimenopause support

If you are a female in your 40s experiencing a range of symptoms that can be connected to your hormones please visit my dedicated website:

Inna is a consultant at Perimenopause Hub, featured at BBC.

Clinical Herbal Medicine

Female Health, Autoimmune conditions

Laboratory tests and other health investigations

Diet and life style advice.

Fully qualified Medical Herbalist, DHE, MSc (Distinction),

Member of National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Professional Indemnity Insurance with Balens



Spiritual Healing

Plant Spirit Medicine is a Taoist Five Element based healing modality where the plant spirits offer healing to the human spirit. Professionally trained with Eliot Cowan, founder of the the discipline and Alison Gayek the Seniour Tutor.

Member of Plant Spirit Medicine Association

About Inna Duckworth


Inna is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist with MSc(Distinction) in Herbal Medicine, a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She practices very scientific, research-backed Clinical Herbal Medicine, using various medical models from traditional to XXI century. 

Her main areas of expertise are: Female Health and Autoimmune Conditions.

During the consultation she would gather the information related to your medical history and review existing data from medical investigations and blood tests. She would facilitate obtaining relevant laboratory investigations if necessary as well as provide diet and life style recommendations alongside making bespoke herbal remedies. 


Inna also offers spiritual healing (as a separate session). This development  came from realisation that despite all the benefits of herbal treatments to her patients, there was a deeper malaise which herbs couldn’t reach.

Their bodies were nourished and some emotional needs met through herbs, but their spirit was still deprived.  Many people have a “low mood” or are unhappy, fundamentally because they are disconnected from their core or true self. The body expresses this imbalance via various ailments. Until the imbalance is addressed, all other measures will be superficial, dealing with the symptoms, not the cause.

This understanding led her to complete 2 years' rigorous training in Plant Spirit Medicine (Tao 5 Element Healing Protocols) with founder Eliot Cowan, the author of the book Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey Into the Healing Wisdom of Plants and the senior tutor Alison Gayek. 

The healing session is a non-contact; the patient would lie on a couch and the practitioner would gently place hands around the head and provide healing, checking the pulses on the wrists to observe the changes. This healing modality allows to bring balance and deep restoration to the human spirit, effecting changes in many areas that the patient can look back on and trace.

Inna believes that Clinical Herbal Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine are like Yin and Yang, clearly defined, but inseparable parts, indispensable in restoring health and wellbeing at various levels.

Complimentary 15 minutes discovery call

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Prices vary based on location and are tailored to your needs.

Practices Locations:

London Natural Health Centre

46, Theobalds road, WC1X 8NW, London, United Kingdom