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Fertility support and IVF preparation for couples 
Signature Individual Package 16 weeks
with weekly support calls  
online and in-person
(Horsham, West Sussex)

'I'm offering to hold your hand 
through this amazing journey
with my expertise, empathy and empowerment'.

 Inna Duckworth, Msc

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“In just one hour Inna told us more about perspectives in our fertility journey than anyone before. Now we know what is required to maximise our chances to have a healthy baby.” 

Fertility Package

Individual Fertility support

package for couples:

duration 16 weeks

£375 pcm for 4 months

Who is Fertility Support Individual Package for: 

  • You have either just started trying  for a baby or may tried for a while and have had some unsuccessful experience 
  • Your partner must be actively participating in preparation
  • You are willing to use natural medicine solutions as part of your fertility journey 
  • Open to my expert advice
  • Ready to take actions and commit to implementing changes,           including attitude, nutrition and lifestyle 
  • You are ready to invest into advanced and comprehensive medical and  functional investigations, see details below 
  • You are not planning a fertility treatment and/or IFV in the next 3-6 months  to allow your bodies to prepare for the procedures. 

What to expect from your package

  • In-depth health review for each partner
  • Cutting edge investigations of root-causes     behind infertility
  • Laboratory data based support plan for each partner
  • High quality supplements recommendations
  • Bespoke herbal preparations
  • Food and lifestyle recommendations
  • Coaching and support to implement your plan 
  • Emotional support 
  • Cooperation with your assisted reproduction clinic
  • Wide network of consultants to refer for specific issues

Process of working with me

  • Every Fertility package  begins with a FREE 30 minutes Introductory Call to establish that we are a good fit to work together
  • Next step is an essential laboratory testing to establish base line for recommendations
    • For female partner:  Women’s advanced fertility and reproductive health blood test £159-£330 and
    • Vaginal swab- £200-£310.
    • For male partner:   Advanced Well Man Blood Test £189 and Male Fertility Semen Test - £ 429. 
  • Once the test results' availability date is known,  we book your consultations per package details (below).

Fertility support package for couples

duration 16 weeks (4 months)

Baby with Toys

The whole aim of the package is to bring you as close as possible to realising your dream - 
become a parent of  a healthy baby.

Fertility  package

£375  per month
for 4 months

​Weekly support : 

  • 2 x  75 minutes initial consultations with full health & medical overview (one for each partner) 

  • 14 x 30 minutes weekly support calls*

  • 1-2 weekly emails as needed 

  • 1 x 30 minute follow up at the end to review results and map out support beyond the package 

* they can be spread up to 6 months if needed,

e.g we are waiting for test results

Payment plan available
£ 220 x 7 months  

All consultations are conducted via ZOOM or in Horham clinic

in- person; evening and Saturdays slots are available upon request.

Follow ups are designed to provide ongoing support, motivation, accountability, track progress and amend the plan

where needed.

Consultations are scheduled weekly individually as needed. If there is no need for a support call on a given week, this week is added to the duration of your package.


By the time the couples come to see me, a lot of them  have been through some form of upsetting or traumatic experience on their Fertility journey. I find adding  Ancient Daoist Energy Medicine Sessions very helpful in such situations. 

More information can be found here.

* if there is no need to factor a male partner into the process (such as in IVF using frozen embryos or donor sperm)  Female Health package can be offered at £275 p/m. Example here.

Duckworth functional testing.png

Adding functional testing  provided necessary depth and precision to manage complex cases.
Essentally it allows to identify root-cause and
saves time on the journey to recovery.

                                     Inna Duckworth

Advanced functional testing

"If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions." - Albert Einstein

My practice is built on bespoke precise natural medicine solutions, that are made possible with high-end functional laboratory investigations, helping to define the problem. 

The testing is developed by leading global scientists. It takes around 5-10 years before they become available in mainstream medical field. 

Getting understanding of the root causes will define support plan and make it truly effective for you . 
Based on the results of essential tests and in-depth history review you will be recommended some advanced functional tests, where necessary.
Here is a table summarising an example of a suite of comprehensive testing for both partners
(available on a laptop): 
Laboratory testing
Comprehensive stool test
 DNA test for female partner
DNA test for male partner
from £190
DUTCH plus
Metabolomix+ Advanced nutrient status profile
£270 - £330

Total potential investment on testing for a couple might be  £ 1000 -  3000 in RRP value.
Where possible finance and discounts will be offered. 

Please note that my supplement and functional testing advice is totally impartial, I am not tied to any particular company.

Booking and payment

If you wish to start working with me, you need to book a free 30 minutes introductory call for fertility support work or, if you are willing, book free 30 minute session in person in Horsham clinic. 
If we establish that we are a good fit to work together, you will be emailed details for your testing, as mentioned above, plus relevant health assessment questionnaires for each of partners to be returned not later than 48 hours prior consultation with latest (around 2 years back dated) and important tests and investigations (MRI, ultrasound, etc).

You will be invited to set up a direct debit via GoCardless for your package.

Any dietary supplements, herbal preparations or diagnostic tests recommended are not covered in the consultation fee, but you will enjoy 10% discount as my patient at most supplement companies.

For full disclosure, I may receive small professional benefits or a commission from supplying companies, laboratories and 3d parties, but it is never a defining factor as per my professional code of conduct.
Polite notice:  Should you wish to ask questions as you implement your health support plans, share your progress update, new symptoms etc. you will be invited to bring them to your scheduled consultation or offered a timeslot for an additional follow up consultation to discuss them,
if you have used up all support provided by your package.
Attending to those requests outside of practice context, makes it extremely difficult to maintain my  professional records of your situation and adhere to practice regulations. 
Cancellation policy: With all our busy schedules, I totally understand if your appointment needs to be rescheduled, it is possible with not less than 48 hours notice to reschedule. If  notification falls  inside 24 hours this session will be cancelled and we will proceed to your next appointment.

Please be aware that any information or advice I provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
Inna Duckworth Medical Herbalist 4.jpg

“In just one hour Inna told us more about perspectives in our fertility journey than anyone before. Now we know what is required to maximise our chances to have a healthy baby.” 

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