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"Happy down below"

Restoring Female/Male Microbiome  Programme 12 Week 

£375 per month for 3 months


Female ecology is very delicate and can easily be thrown off balance.

You might be unhappy about discomfort, discharge, smell, itching, pain around the ladies’ parts or frequent urinary infections. There might also be pain during intercourse and/or frequent UTI symptoms after sex. It may be that you’ve been checked out for STI’s and had swab from your GP that came back normal, but “something is not  right” or you had some treatment that alleviated the situation temporarily.

This package is designed to address vaginal and urinary health issues in a holistic and integrative way. An assessment covers your entire health history and screens you for activities that may be stressing vaginal microflora and creating ongoing imbalance.

Who is it for: 

Happy Friends

The research shows that intimate and UTI health has a negative impact on self esteem and quality of life.
It is possible to offer holistic solutions for this area. 

Female Ecology package

My first training in Herbal Medicine was focused on natural solutions for female health are a part of our national heritage. I proceeded to do a 4 year degree in Herbal Medicine  at Middlesex University, London  where I accomplished a comprehensive scientific program in the area of natural health including herbal, nutritional and functional medicine support in maintaining and regaining health. I had the privilege of supporting many women on their healing journey.

In 2021-2022 I have completed a unique professional mentoring program “Holistic Vaginal Health” under the supervision of an expert (a PhD candidate) in the area of vaginal microbiome.

At the moment, I am a well-trained practitioner experienced in hormonal and genito-urinary health.

I'm working with several other health practitioners making pessaries and other intimate health products and developing my own professional product range working closely with a highly reputable manufacturer in the UK.

Why working with me

12 Week Programme structure with 
biweekly support calls

  • Initial consultation 1 x 90 minutes with full health & medical overview (deducted from the package if  Initial consultation was paid separately)

  • Biweekly support/follow up calls  6 x 30 minutes

  • Weekly 1-2 email exchange and ongoing unlimited messages support as needed.

  • Package completion review 1 x 45 minute at the end to discuss the results and map support beyond the package

  • All sessions are conducted via ZOOM.

  • Follow ups are designed to provide ongoing support, motivation, add accountability, track progress & amend the plan

  • 10% discount on supplements 

Investment is £ 375 per month x 3 months.

Please be prepared to invest into a comprehensive ScreenMe £238 vagianl swab test or similar before starting your package or other relevant investigations that might be offered to get the most out of our work together  on top of the package cost.

Laboratory tests, herbs and supplements are paid for separately. Payments taken as a monthly Direct Debit​ (Go Cardless).

There an option to extend the package to 6 months or more if needed.

Girl in Nature

“Female power is your Feminine source.
Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery.
The web-weaver. The life force." 

This is a bespoke package which includes an initial consultation including detailed health history to gain greater understanding of your situation

  • Analysis of all presented laboratory tests

  • 3 days food diary analysis

  • At-home symptoms monitoring tools and support 

  • Facilitation of necessary functional and conventional laboratory investigations as described below with a dedicated test results interpretation session.

  • personalised natural support and food plan with your cultural background and preferences in mind

  • Bespoke hand-made herbal blends and personalised supplements (with a 10% discount for you as my patient); everything is checked for safety to take alongside your medication. 

  • Weekly email check-ins, biweekly Zoom  calls  and support to track progress and amend your personalised support plan as needed.

  • Opportunity to add Daoist Energy Medicine in person sessions in Horsham clinic or online, more details here

  • Work on lifestyle factors that will improve your wellbeing such as sleep, stress, physical activity to maximise the results of the Programme.

What is included into the "Happy Down Below" Programme

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