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Hi, I'm Inna Duckworth, Naturopath, MSc,
member of General Naturopathic Counsil 
offering holistic naturopathic support to women,
seeking natural solutions for their concerns:

Hormonal imbalances,  related gut health symptoms

PCOS, Endometriosis

Perimenopause, Menopause 

Intimate female ecology and health (Candida, BV, UTI)

Very special part of my work is 

Ancient Daoist Plant and Crystal Energy Medicine Sessions -

indispensable support for Emotional Wellbeing

offered in person from Horsham Clinic.

Please click here for details. 


Special Packages


"Hormonal Balance " package:
1 Hormonal report (pdf) with 60 minutes consultation £340,
any extra report + £155 and 15 minutes added to consultation
(3 months payment plan availab

Lifecode Gx DNA reports can be added to other consultations
e.g. to DUTCH package,
the cost of one report is £190.


Nutrigenomics with Lifecode Gx

Nutrigenomics is a branch of genetic studies that analyses and suggests the optimal and bespoke nutrition plan for a particular individual and their needs. It considers the effects of food choices on your metabolism and how your genotype influences nutritionally-related imbalances. For example, some people have a gene “switched on” that makes their vitamin D receptors less effective, thus such a person would always need more vitamin D.

Duckworth Lifecode DNA set.jpg

Oestrogen imbalance can contribute to female gynaecological issues including fibroids, PMS, and heavy menstrual bleeding, skin-related issues including acne and rashes, and ER positive breast cancer.

The Oestrogen Balance test analyses genes involved in the oestrogen lifecycle. It looks at how gene variants affects production, activation and elimination of oestrogens as well as detailing the nutrients and environmental factors that can influence and improve their balance. The Oestrogen Balance report is recommended for women who suspect oestrogen-linked conditions.

Please click here for more information.

Based on your situation other genetic tests - reports from LifeCode Gx might be offered at £179  per report and extra 15 minutes added to your consultation.

The consultation can be offered via Zoom or in person in Horsham Clinic. It is recorded so that you can review the results afterwards. 

Dutch Test Review

Hormonal Health DUTCH Test Review Package
with 90 minutes consultation £190
(3 months payment plan at £70 pcm is availab

 DUTCH test is payable separately - £269-£435

Duckworth DUTCH test.png

The DUTCH Hormone Test

The DUTCH Hormone Test reveals how exactly your hormones are affecting your bodily functions, how they were transformed by your body and utilised. The lab analysis alerts us to hormone levels which are too high or too low, which hormone levels give cause for concern and which are running out of control.


In dealing with complex health issues, there is no place for guesswork. This advanced testing method gives us a comprehensive and clear picture of exactly what your system needs so that we can prepare a bespoke treatment plan.

(The DUTCH test involves analysis of samples of your urine and saliva, which you supply at home using the kit provided and post to the laboratory.)

The package includes: 

- 90 minutes consultation to discuss your DUTCH test results via zoom call

- recording of the consultation 

- written 1-2 page report within 3-5 working days with a support plan,

- 1-2 emails  or a 15 minutes zoom call within a week post written report, to help you settle in into a support regime with food, herbs and supplements

- discount on supplements with major UK brands. 

The cost of the test is not included, but is payable directly to the provider. This allows flexibility in choosing the test that would be best suited for your needs. 

Based on your situation  genetic tests - reports from LifeCode Gx might be offered in conjunction with DUTCH test review. 

The consultation can be offered via Zoom or in person in Horsham Clinic. It is recorded so that you can review the results afterwards. 

'Happy Down Below' 12 weeks Package
UTI/Vaginal health conditions 
3 months package at 275 per/month
(6 months payment plan available)

Please click here for package details

Coffee with Friends

“I think that working with Inna helped me a lot. I met her at a very difficult time in my life, just when she

was needed.


Herbal Medicine helped to support my liver. And believe it or not, I haven’t had any acne since 2018, can you imagine that?


Inna’s coaching session helped me to unblock energy. I would leave the session on wings. I can’t tell you how much Inna has helped me in so many ways, and I would love people to know this.”

Nina, London

If appropriate a standalone health review consultation
can be offered at £150.
Duration is 60 minutes in person or online.

It includes your health history review,
functional testing plan proposal and
where possible preliminary natural prescri

If you choose to si
gn up for a package 
to implement recommendations this fee is deducted from
your last months payment.

Standalone follow-up appointments might

be offered at £75 for 30 minutes; email reply  is £30. 


What to expect from working with me

  • In-depth health review
  • Functional testing facilitation and results interpretation
  • Laboratory data based individualised support plan
  • High quality supplements recommendations
  • Bespoke herbal preparations
  • Safe to take alongside medication
  • Food and lifestyle recommendations
  • Coaching and support to implement your plan 
  • Emotional support 

Process of working with me

  • Every prospective patient is invited to book free 10 minute telephone/Zoom call. 

  • If we establish that we are a good fit to work together, next step is to sign up for your package or book your consultation. 

  • Your booking is confirmed upon settling your first invoice.

  • Once your first appointment is scheduled, you will be sent relevant health assessment questionnaires to be returned not later than

      48 hours prior consultation with latest (around 2 years back dated)       and important tests and investigations (MRI, ultrasound, etc).

  • During the first consultation we will go through your physical health and  wellbeing history and discuss your priorities.

  • As a result of the consultation (or prior to it) you will be recommended an essential laboratory testing to establish base line for recommendations. By taking up my recommendation about testing you can make the most of our work together. See examples below.

  •  Within 3-5 working days after the consultation you will receive a written  support plan and will start  implementing changes. 

  • Based on your situation you will be offered an individual follow-up consultations schedule or support as per your  package.

Duckworth functional testing.png

Adding functional testing  provided necessary depth and precision to manage complex cases.
Essentally it allows to identify root-cause and
saves time on the journey to recovery.

                                     Inna Duckworth

"If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions." - Albert Einstein

My practice is built on bespoke precise natural medicine solutions, that are made possible with high-end functional laboratory investigations, helping to define the rootpproblem. 

The testing is developed by leading global scientists. It takes around 5-10 years before they become available in mainstream medical field.

Examples of functional tests recommended

DUTCH - comprehensive hormonal testing £269-£435
Functional medicine comprehensive stool test £ 395
Advanced vaginal health swab £200-£250
Comprehensive nutritional status analysis MetabolomiX £400-£535
LifeCode Gx - Nutrigenomic DNA testing packages from £399
Each test recommendation is based on individual health story. Payment plans are offered where available.
Please note that my supplement and functional testing advice is totally impartial, I am not tied to any particular company.
Duckworth Lifecode DNA set


Current hourly rate is  £150. It typically represents 3 hours of my professional time; time to review your health assessment from any previous clinical notes, previous functional/medical tests, research your medications and scientific  updates on your  health conditions,
one h
our appointment and time afterwards putting together your bespoke support plan.

Your invoices for consultations and some types of testing will be sent via a specialist software Quickbooks and is kindly asked to be settled prior the consultation. 
Monthly fees are managed via GoCardLess service that invites you to set up a direct debit for 3 payments.

Any dietary supplements, herbal preparations or diagnostic tests recommended are not covered in the consultation fee, but you will enjoy 10% discount as my patient at most supplement companies.

For full disclosure, I may receive small professional benefits or commission from supplying companies, laboratories and 3d parties, but it is never a defining factor as per my professional code of conduct.
Polite notice:  Should you wish to ask questions as you implement your health support plans, share your progress update, new symptoms etc. you will be offered a timeslot for a follow up consultation to discuss them, unless your package includes ongoing support or offered to pay a fee for an expanded email reply.
Attending to those requests outside of practice context, makes it extremely difficult to maintain my  professional records of your situation and adhere to practice regulations. 
Cancellation policy: With all our busy schedules, I totally understand if your appointment needs to be cancelled. Please give me 48 hours between Monday to Friday notice to reschedule.
Failing that, it is only fair to charge 50% cancellation fee, or 100% cancellation fee if inside 24 hours.
Same applies to your scheduled appointments within the package.
Please be aware that any information or advice I provide is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.
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