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Media and PR

Experience in subject mater presentations and
diverse educational activities.

Inna Duckworth, MSc

Natural Health and Wellbeing Expert 

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Press coverage:
Contribution to "Country Living" 
Author of ‘Herbal Medicine for Mental Health’ Chapter in “Neal’sYard Mental Wellness Companion” by Dorling Kindersley, 2021,
where I review over 30 medicinal plants for mental wellbeing. 

My main interest lies in female wellbeing, with a focus on fertility  support,

intimate (genito-urinary) health, and perimenopause.

I am currently enhancing my knowledge in these areas through professional mentorship programmes in Intimate Ecology, Fertility support and studies in Nutrigenomics.

"It was such a pleasure to work with you on the book, and
I think your herbal chapter really was excellent. I also hope we have an opportunity to work together again in the future. 

Feedback from the editor 
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