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My story

I'm a West Sussex-based, fully qualified Medical Herbalist with MSc (Distinction, 2017) in Herbal Medicine, qualification approved by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, UK (NIMH).

My story

As such, I am professionally trained and insured to make natural prescriptions as well as create bespoke herbal blends and tinctures to support your body on its healing journey. I studied functional hormonal, female health and gastro-intestinal testing to be able to provide my patients with the best personalised care possible.

Having been constantly referring to Nutrition and Functional Medicine studies from my Herbal Medicine Masters Degree I decided to deepen them. That led me to a new path of becoming a Nutritional Therapist, which I’m doing now through a special top-up Post Graduate course for experienced practitioners from the Institute for Optimal Nutrition (accredited with University of Portsmouth;

July 2024).

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I help women to make sense of the seemingly unconnected or ‘mosaic’ symptoms, creating havoc in their lives, and offer treatment regimes in a form of individual blends of herbs, vitamins and minerals, dietary and lifestyle advice to achieve their health and wellbeing aspirations:

be it a healthy baby and fulfilling enjoyable life.

My approach

Holistic wellbeing

From the first free introductory call a patient is triaged by me personally, not by my assistants, to define the most suitable modus operandi for their situation. The first consultation with me is an hour long conversation, including pre-screening health form, relevant physical examination (when in person), revision and discussion of existing blood test results and suggesting further functional investigations.


At this consultation I shall be taking a thorough health history, paying attention to the emotional aspects of the story and the events surrounding the onset of the physical condition.

Modern physiology has evolved from a solely neuropeptide science into a multi-disciplinary approach considering cellular, emotional and phycological events all subjected to the same scrutiny.

Herbalists have historically viewed a person as a unified whole, aiming to restore the balance.

We are trained to look for imbalances from a holistic point of view.

Systemic structured work, with defined goals and clear milestones

Having a solid business background and an MBA, I know what “deliver” means.
Working with me is a mutual commitment to 3 to 12 months  or longer work if required.

In the very beginning we will discuss your health and wellbeing goals and I will map out for you the path towards them including relevant functional testing, herbs, vitamins, nutrition, lifestyle.

A valuable addition to your Naturopathic packages is an Ancient Healing Sessions, aiming  to restore balance and remove energy blocks. 

Being “in my care” means supportive accountability: we shall have regular check-ins to make sure planned changes are being accommodated and you are on track towards your wellbeing.

As one of my teachers rightly suggested:

“There is a contract between the practitioner and the patient firmly in place. The patient seeks help, commits to the process and agrees to make necessary lifestyle changes to make the treatment effective. And the practitioner honestly fulfils his obligations as stated in the Oath.”

My approach

In the past several decades, Functional Medicine, which I
studied during my Herbal Medicine Masters Degree, has made
a real breakthrough in creating a model of care which looks into
functionality of bodily systems before the organic changes
of a serious disease take place.

During the time that a bodily function, e.g. digestion,

menstrual cycle or sleep, is showing the early signs of disorder,

a lot can be corrected via nutrition, herbs and lifestyle.

To support this ‘functional imbalances’ paradigm  a lot of work has gone into creating new, comprehensive and reliable laboratory testing tools to catch such imbalances early.


Recommendation of  relevant functional testing

The route from health to illness is nearly always a continuum -
health declines gradually. Often it takes years for a disease to
settle, and we often don’t know what to do with those little
warning bells sounding in the tiresome, but manageable
symptoms, when our bodies are trying to say: “Help, please!”
and most frustrating of all, the tests from the GP come back
“normal” or a medication for the symptoms is offered - usually


Duckworth herbal science.png

However, a starting point of working with me in most of the 1-2-1packages is a 3-7 day Food Diary or an analysis of the nutritional value of your food via a specialist professional software, available for you to upload as a free app. This is followed by the development of a nutrition gap covering plan, which can range from some tips and advice to the creation of a full meal plan.

Digital Contract

Analysis of nutritional value of food

and an individual nutrition plan

 The route from health to illness is nearly

always a continuum - health declines gradually. Often it takes years for a disease to settle, and we often don’t know what to do with those little warning bells sounding in the tiresome, but manageable symptoms. Making small dietary changes can go a long way. 

Herbal Medicine
Inna Duckworth Medical Herbalist Mediherb.jpg

Clinical Herbal Medicine

I practice very scientific, research-backed clinical Herbal Medicine, integrating traditional medical models with modern evidence-based herbal medicine and nutritional support.

As a Medical herbalist, I’m well trained in clinical science and functional medicine.

Herbs are amazing in their complexity and versatility. Working with them evokes the presence of Vital essence, which to me it's the taste of Life itself.

Working with me, might not be a quick fix, but you will not have to keep coming back with something that was only temporarily suppressed.

Emotional Support

Daoist Five Element Plant Energies Healing - aka Plant Spirit Medicine- 

as the basis for emotional wellbeing

Five Element System  (Wu Xing) is one of the key frameworks for Classical Chinese Medicine.


Each Element reflects a natural force that makes itself known in Nature via the change of seasons, and through our body, our mind and our emotions.

According to this teaching, presenting symptoms are messengers of deeper imbalances, just as, for example, constipation might relate to an unwillingness to let go of somethingthat is n0t serving one anymore.

The aim of Five Element System is to help you attain balance and live in harmony with yourself, your true Nature and the world around you.

Energy of Plants, being similar principle as Dr. Bach's  Flower Remedies system, ideally fit into being a media to bring such balance.

I offer this ancient healing  as a stand alone offering in person in Horsham Clinic, more details here.

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