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26, Worthing road, Horsham, RS12 1SL

Initial consultation in Horsham Clinic
in person/online £120 - 1 h
plus written summary with support plan 
Follow up in person/online £60  - 30 minutes
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It can help with

Hi, I’m Inna Duckworth,
Women’s Health Herbalist, MSc.


Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Functional Testing, Nutrigenomics,
Mind-Body Connection
My areas of expertise:
Would you like to know how I can help you?

My speciality is natural preconception care to support healthy pregnancy

My approach  is getting to the root-cause of the imbalances.

  • Systemic structured work, with defined goals and clear milestones
  • Appropriate use of analytical software for nutritional analysis and blood tests 
  • Support with relevant functional lab testing​
  • Application of functional medicine and holistic naturopathic philosophy
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Once the most likely causes of your unwellness are explored you will be offered a support plan with the following solutions:
  • Clinical Herbal Medicine
  • Bespoke herbal blends
  • Nutritional advice
  • Professional vitamins and minerals
      from reputable manufacturers
  • Ancient Tao Five Element system 
     as an emotional wellbeing framework

Signature 1-2-1 Programs

Preconception support
for couples

Solving your 
Perimenopause Puzzle

Happy 'Down below':
Restoring Female Ecology

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Perimenopause Duckworth.jpg
Female Ecology Duckworth_edited.jpg

Holistic approach to health works best when it is taken over a period of time, slowly revising what is not working and introducing new patterns so you can transform your health. That is why my 1-2-1 work with patients is largely based on 3 months or longer packages.

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I will listen to you, your story,
not just review symptoms.

                                     Inna Duckworth

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Why I do it?

“Why bother? Because right now, there
is someone out there with a wound in
the exact shape of your words.”

                        ― Sean Thomas Dougherty

I have dedicated my life to lifelong learning and the practice of holistic medicine to
provide my patients with interdisciplinary solutions that will address the root-cause of
their issues at all levels and bring about long lasting changes and true wellbeing.
Coffee with Friends

Patients testimonials

“I think that working with Inna helped me a lot. I met her at a very difficult time in my life, just when she

was needed.


Herbal Medicine helped to support my liver. And believe it or not, I haven’t had any acne since 2018, can you imagine that?


Inna’s coaching session helped me to unblock energy. I would leave the session on wings. I can’t tell you how much Inna has helped me in so many ways, and I would love people to know this.”

Nina, London



Clinic: 26, Worthing road,

Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1SL 

United Kingdom

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