Fertility Support for Couples Programme

‘Making babies’ 12 Week Programme for couples

Who is it for:


When it comes to fertility, it is important to assess the health of not just the woman, but also that of her partner *.

As women, we often focus on ourselves and what we should be doing to increase our chances of pregnancy, however, it is just as important to factor our partner into this journey. Although sperm quality declines with age, we can work towards improving its quality naturally, through nutrition and lifestyle choices.

This package has been designed for those who wish to obtain a pre-conception care plan ahead of pregnancy as well as those couples who have already been trying to conceive.

It takes up to 3 months for sperm and ovum (egg) to mature, hence the length of this package. 

No matter what stage you are at, improving your wellbeing will increase your chances in having a smooth pregnancy and birth.

* if there is no need to factor a male partner into the process (such as in IVF using frozen embryos or donor sperm) a package can be tailored accordingly.

Expecting Couple

The whole aim of this package is to bring you as close as possible to realising your dream - to become a parent of  a healthy baby.


About me

The University Clinic supervisor who saw me through my Herbal Medicine Degree is a renowned expert in the area of female health. I have learnt a lot from her and had the opportunity to support many women under her supervision.

My fertility journey has also been supported by her wise advice and the herbal medicine she prescribed for the PCO in my own medical history, 


In 2021-2022 I have gone through a unique professional mentoring programme “Holistic Vaginal Health” with an acclaimed expert, a PhD candidate in the area of vaginal microbiome. Now I am knowledgeable and experienced in preparing and balancing the vaginal environment prior to conception.

In 2022 I'm  undergoing a reputable and acclaimed mentoring programme “Making babies” with a leading expert in natural preconception support. This training is covering topics of both female and male fertility, support through IVF and early pregnancy care. 

What is included into the “Making Babies” Programme

This is a bespoke package which includes an initial consultation for each of the partners and  follow up every 2-3 weeks to ensure that you both stay on track and feel fully supported on your fertility journey.

Before committing to the package we start with a Fertility Orientation Package for the couple  (£280 payable separately), please follow the link above for a detailed description.

The orientation  package aims to evaluate your situation and map out a plan for your bespoke package, including recommendation of functional and conventional laboratory  tests if required. You will receive a written report featuring  the proposed package plan in terms of laboratory investigations  and other individual considerations.

Then we can proceed with 12 week fertility support package for couples.

Pregnancy Test

What is included into 12 Week Programme:

  • Facilitation of relevant functional and conventional laboratory testing

  • Analysis and interpretation of all presenting laboratory tests for both

  • 7 days food diary analysis report and interpretation with an expert app for each of the partners

  • At-home symptoms monitoring tools and support 

  • A fully personalised natural support and food plan for each partner

  • Bespoke hand-made herbal blends and personalised supplements (with a 10% discount for you as my patients)

  • Weekly email check-ins, regular Zoom calls and support to track progress and amend your personalised support plan as needed

  • Opportunity to add ‘Five Element Emotional Balance Coaching’® Sessions  as a package or as a stand alone if needed.

  • Work on lifestyle factors that will improve your wellbeing such as sleep, stress, physical activity.

Couple on a Walk

“In just one hour Inna told us more about perspectives in our fertility journey than anyone before. Now we know what is required to maximise our chances to have a healthy baby.” 

Components of the Programme are:

Starting point "Fertility Orientation Package" £280 - payable separately.  

Followed by 3 months package for a couple

Price for the package is from £ 300 per month

for 3 months for a couple.

What is included in £300 per month:

8 x 45 minutes follow ups, allocated to

either partner 


1 x 60 minutes follow up at the end to

review results and map support beyond

the package if needed.

Expectant Couple

All sessions are conducted via ZOOM.

Additional support is calculated £120 per hour of  work, which is agreed in advance. 

Follow ups are designed to provide accountability, track progress, amend the plan & provide ongoing support.

Payments taken as monthly Direct Debit.

Testing, herbal preparations and supplements are paid for separately.

10% discount on supplements for UK/EU patients.

Option to extend to 6 months or more if needed.