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‘Five Element Emotional Balance Coaching’®

Balancing emotions through the seasons with plants' energies

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‘Five Element Emotional Balance Coaching’®

1 hour Session,

online £90/in person £60

Emotions are not just superficial evidence of passing feelings. Emotions are the messengers of deeper imbalances in physiology, psychology and life’s strategies. They alert us to matters which need to be addressed.

The Taoist Five Element framework allows us to look at the interconnected web of symptoms, organ functions and emotions.

Energies of plants are ideal media to bring emotional balance alongside Five Element protocols. 

Five Element Session

There are 2 options for this session:

A. Active participation emotional coaching,

based on Taoist  Five Element Philosophy, Medical Intuition and meditation with plants.

B. Distant/in person healing session, based on Five Element philosophy, protocols and energetic qualities of plants.

Based on your personal situation, it is offered n one of the 2 formats as per above. 

Session duration is 1 h, it is offered via ZOOM and

in person in my clinic in Horsham, at a special rate of £60.

 Legal disclaimer: Healing work is conducted for "entertainment purposes only" and doesn't claim to help with any medical condition.  

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