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Corporate Wellness 

Health and business are intrinsically tied. Staying healthy, mentally and physically, is critical for workers of all different career paths. Maintaining good mental health leads to better problem-solving and decision-making, in addition to clear thinking in the workplace.


Lifestyle factors like our physical activity, nutritional habits and sleep, as well as long-term health conditions also have a huge impact on the way we carry out our day-to-day work.


This is why I offer corporate wellness support. The mental and physical health of employees should be prioritised and well-designed corporate wellness programmes do just that.

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While health is something that can be gently cultivated, it can require some outside support. I offer wellness workshops, presentations, and one-to-one consultations where I teach  

how to introduce  healthy habits in order to support health and  wellness.

Co-working space
Corporate wellness live events and webinars
e.g. “Perimenopause@ Work”, 
"Emotional Wellness "
" Healthy eating habits while working from home"

1-2-1 'Wellness review' service : 30 minutes to review 1-2 concerns and suggest relevant support in a form of nutrition, herbs and lifestyle 

Pricing upon request

My health and wellness presentations are uniquely designed to cater to employees and are a good way into the world of wellness. These engaging, educational presentations discuss practical strategies with a range of themes that cover nutrition and mental health, as well as productivity whilst working at home.


I also provide 30 minute virtual clinic sessions. These consultations are ideal if one would prefer more bespoke health support. During the half hour, I will provide a short health-check questionnaire to offer individual advice and actionable tips. The one-to-one sessions also work fantastically in combination with wellness presentations and interactive workshops.


 My aim is to empower people with knowledge and education that will become a foundation for overall health and wellbeing. Through the attentive support, I hope to provide a more accessible way of healthy living for busy and hard-working individuals.

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