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Functional Tests Examples

Functional medicine testing

Person Checking Data

As a healthcare professional I’m trained to understand
parameters indicative of imbalances. I work extensively with
various diagnostic testing providers globally to support
my patients in getting to the root cause of their discomfort
and creating truly bespoke supporting regimes, based on facts.
We also use functional testing to monitor their progress.
There follows a non-exhaustive list of the most frequent tests I
work with. Each patient is offered a bespoke combination that
would be most suitable for them.

Functional Tests examples

Duckworth DUTCH test.png

The DUTCH Hormone Test

The DUTCH Hormone Test is a comprehensive hormonal panel (home test kit) which reveals how exactly your hormones are affecting your bodily functions, how they were transformed by your body and utilised. The lab analysis alerts us to hormone levels which are too high or too low, which hormone levels give cause for concern and which are running out of control.

Nutrigenomics with Lifecode Gx

Nutrigenomics is a branch of genetic studies that analyses and suggests the optimal and bespoke nutrition plan for a particular individual and their needs. It considers the effects of food choices on your metabolism and how your genotype influences nutritionally-related imbalances. For example, some people have a gene “switched on” that makes their vitamin D receptors less effective, thus such a person would always need more vitamin D.

How to order your test, more information here.

Duckworth Lifecode DNA set.jpg
Duckworth Thyroid test.png

Extensive Thyroid Testing

One of the most overlooked root cause of health issues is undiagnosed thyroid conditions. Quite often it is necessary to run a full panel of thyroid hormones including antibodies and the so called inactive form of thyroid
hormone to have a full picture before commencing changes.

duckworth genova nutreval.jpg

Nutritional Status Evaluation

I work with the Genova laboratory, whose tests assess a broad array of macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as markers that give insight into: digestive function, toxic exposure, mitochondrial function, and oxidative stress. They achieve this by evaluating the way organic acids,
amino acids, fatty acids, oxidative stress markers, and nutrient & toxic elements are metabolized in the body. Doing this test can significantly enhance personalised supporting protocols. saving hundreds of pounds
on products, which you might not need.

Invivo Vaginal EcologiX

The vaginal microbiome is a key ecosystem in the body, which is very dynamic and active, especially during our reproductive years, due to our monthly hormonal fluctuations. 

Dysbiosis in that area, has been linked to a multitude of conditions, including bacterial vaginosis (BV), miscarriages, preterm delivery, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

duckworth invivo female ecologix.jpg

The symptoms, women experience may be driven by various factors, including changes in the microbiome composition and should not be categorized without proper investigations. Analysis and monitoring of the vaginal microbiota is extremely important for health and is used to inform treatment plans and lifestyle factors.

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